:: the inner workings of my br/o/ken mind...

a musician, writer, artist, and overall ponderer of things, i tend to have a sensibly warped outlook on my surroundings and generally life itself. most people find me hard to understand or grasp, and i'm generally alright with that. but my views and thoughts are what help me to produce the music that i do. my theory is simple: i create what i desire and write music that i enjoy listening to. and it often turns out that most other people enjoy it as well.

i write in a style that allows the mind to explore other venues while still actively listening to the music being played. minimal vocals, orchestrated progressions, and driving beats (aw snap!) that allow you to freely think, explore the emotions it inspires, or work on your ninjitsu techniques. basically do whatever you want. no restrictions or distractions.

i've been studying sound design and production for a number of years now and have written countless songs and pieces, yet only recently am i actually releasing any music to the public. and i know what you're thinking, 'that could be any number of years!' and you are correct but that is not the subject at hand. i've been practicing! and its to a point where i want to share my creation with the world. so i introduce you all to my music, and i hope you two get along. because if you don't i'll turn this page right around and no one will have any fun!

(btw call me caine)